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Agency Terms

Recruiting at Beauty Bay has become an incredibly frustrating process.

We are constantly bombarded by emails and telephone calls from recruitment agencies. We all spend a lot of our days taking calls from agencies trying to force their way to the person they think is in charge of hiring even though we operate a strict preferred supplier list of trusted recruiters who we’ve worked with before, and have mutually agreed terms.

However, we do know there are some recruiters out there who work responsibly and provide value and we’re open to working with those companies – but if you have never worked with us before, you are going to have to build trust with us, and this page is a set of terms and process as to how we would expect you to proceed in building that relationship.

First, you need to accept our terms for new recruitment agencies:


  • We will not pay a percentage of salary for your candidates. You will instead agree to a fixed fee of £2000 (+ VAT where applicable) for a successful placement.
  • “Successful” means the candidate is retained and stays in place beyond our standard probation period.
  • After successfully placing a candidate and working with you we may be prepared to consider other terms with you or your agency for future roles.
  • We do not accept CVs with contact details missing or changed.
  • Any CVs sent to us with contact details missing will not be considered. If you do not trust us and believe we will go around you, please don’t send us the CV in the first place.
  • We are not going to expand upon the information we provide in our job role descriptions at this stage.
  • Please do not contact us to “touch base”, or to try and convince us we should make an exception for you.
  • Everything you and the candidates need to know to determine whether it’s initially worth sending a CV in, is right there in the job description.
  • If you think a candidate is a “might work” placement, feel free to send it over. We’re happy to consider people who aren’t perfect matches, but might make us think a little.

That’s it. If you can agree to those terms, there is a good chance we can find a way to work with each other.


To submit a candidate for our consideration, please use the links on the site for any of the jobs we currently have open.

  • Please state in your first email the following:
    • Acceptance of the above terms in consideration of the candidate
    • Your direct dial and/or mobile number
  • We will not tell you if we are rejecting the candidate. If we would like an interview to be arranged we will be in touch. We will tell you our conclusion whether we make a hire or not, and what our thinking was as soon as is possible.
  • If you don’t trust us to do this, please don’t send us candidates. Please do not badger us and ask how it’s going or whether we have made a decision – we’re busy people. We know you are too.
  • If we choose to hire your candidate, we will inform you of the fact and will invite you to invoice us the placement fee as described above. It will be paid promptly within 30 days.
  • Please don’t take such a decision personally: recruiters are expensive.

You may feel this process is unreasonable. That’s fine, in that case please don’t contact us. The quickest way to get black-listed from ever working with us is to contact us insisting we make an exception for you/your candidate.

Sending us a CV out of process does not constitute us accepting your terms and conditions. The email will be ignored. If an agency on our PSL or working to our terms later presents that same candidate then we will work with them.

This is the only process we are willing to accept with recruiters who we have not worked with extensively in the past.